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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Essential Equipments for Baking

I keep getting a lot of questions from beginner bakers regarding cups, spoons, pans, how to get started, substitutes etc. I  thought, why not write a post on the knowledge I've gathered in these past few months? :D
Today, I'm going to be talking about equipments that are absolutely necessary for every baker. This is the perfect shopping list.Of course, you can go ahead and buy fancier equipments if you have the money and space to store them. :)
1. Oven (obviously) - It takes no genius to tell you that you cannot bake if you have no oven. Check out my detailed post on different types of oven and how to choose them. It is worth investing in a good oven that lasts for a lifetime. Since I've talked at length in this post about ovens, I'm not going to be elaborating here. You could also check out the post on how to bake in a microwave convection oven.
2. Baking pans and trays - If you are a beginner baker, its best to have a simple round tin and a non stick baking tray. Once you get the hang of it, you can invest in different shapes of pans, cupcake molds, bundt pan, springform pan etc. Check out my elaborate post on different types of Baking pans.
Almost every oven comes with a baking tray that is handy while preparing cookies, pizza, fries etc.
3. Measuring cups and spoons - You absolutely must have measuring cups and spoons while baking. Every extra teaspoon of an ingredient has an effect on the output. If you are a beginner, its better not to experiment with the quantities. Your best strategy would be to follow the recipe exactly. Don't forget to get the glass measuring cups too. They are very  useful for measuring liquids
4. Mixing Bowl - You can't mix ingredients without a mixing bowl. Typically, you need to use at least 2 bowls each time you bake.
5. Wire Whisk (manual or electronic) - A lot of people I know don't use a whisk at all for making the batter. But I love using a whisk. I feel you just can't efficiently stir sauces without a wire whisk. Once again, its upto you whether you want a manual or an electric whisk. Electric whisk costs more, but reduces your job by 80%! :)
6. Wooden Spoons and Spatulas -  A lot of techniques like folding the batter, mixing it in cannot be done by a whisk effectively. You need spoons to do them. Any regular spoon or spatulas are okay too. But heat-proof rubber spatulas and wooden spoons are preferable.
7. Parchment or butter or baking paper -They are cellulose-based papers that are used in baking as a disposable non-stick surface. parchment paper prevents food from sticking and is especially helpful when baking cookies or cakes. The cake un-moulds beautifully/
8. Good quality Ingredients - Get good quality ingredients and use exactly as written in the recipe. Or, if you're a pro, play with them to suit your tastebuds. :)

Well.. that's it.. that's my last post for now.. Until I comeback and cook, there's nothing left for me to tell you all! :D But I'll be back soon. Very soon. 2 days. Remember! :D

Peace Out! \m/


  1. Very useful post :)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  2. Nice info Chef Kavi. Can you guide us to where we can find Baking Supplies in Mumbai would help too.
    Love Ash.

  3. @Ash - Sure! :D I actually have a trip planned.. Going to go fishing around Mumbai looking for baking stuff


Thanks for the feedback! :-)

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