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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

10 Home Remedies for Sore Throats

It's scratchy, irritating and swollen, and you dread the simple task of gulping. But you must gulp, and when you do, you brace yourself for the unavoidable agony. If you have these signs, you have a sore throat for sure. It isn't the end of the world. Everybody gets them. According to some statistics I pulled, around 40 million people hike to the doctor's office for treatment every year!

Having Sore throat has been a part of my lifestyle forever. I have never consulted a Doc nor taken any medicines for something as simple as sore throat. Here are 10 homemade remedies for sore throat.. The granny and mommy swear by these remedies. Next time you have a sore, pick up one of the 10 & have/do it. You'll feel better! :)
1. Jala Neti (Keeps your nasal passages clear) - Doctors agree that two of the most common causes of sore-throat pain are postnasal drip and a dry throat that results from sleeping with your mouth open when your nasal passages are blocked.
Jala Neti is a simple yoga technique, where lukewarm salt water is poured into one nostril, so that it leaves through the other. The procedure is then repeated on the other side, and the nose is dried by bending forward and by rapid breathing. Jala Neti completely clears your nasal passage and also has a cooling effect on the brain and therefore, also beneficial for headaches, tension etc. You can read more about this method here.
Disclaimer: It is not harmful. But if you are going to attempt it on your own, refer to videos, articles and attempt it with full knowledge about the method.
Netti Pot                                     Man performing jala neti
2. Salt-water Gargle - Gargling is an easy and inexpensive therapy that can be followed in our regular life.. It cuts phlegm and reduces inflammation. Dissolve 1/2 teaspoon salt in 1/2 cup warm water, and gargle every three to four hours.
Disclaimer: Gargle without gagging. :)
3. Lemon Juice - 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice in 1 cup warm water soothes the throat.
4. Eat Juice Bar / Popsicle - This particular remedy was passed on to me by my aunt. I was shocked because there's no way a sore throat could take cold juices! But she believes that these bars are soothing to a hot throat. Don't suck, though. Sucking may irritate the throat even more. Simply let small pieces melt in your mouth. Just make any juice of your choice & pour it into Popsicle or ice molds. ( I haven't dared to try this remedy on a sore throat. If you have, let me know how you feel :D)
5. Steam Inhalation - Years ago, before the facial steamers were popular, we practiced an old-fashioned remedy for cold and sore throat. >> Sitting with your face over a bowl of steaming hot water and your head covered with a towel to keep the steam in. Adding 1 to 2 drops eucalyptus oil can be soothing.
Scientific studies have shown that steaming can actually shorten the duration of a throat infection. In addition to curing a cold, your face feels rejuvenated too! :)
6. Drink lots of liquid - Drink as much fluid as possible at least 3-4 litres per day. Keeping your throat well lubricated with soothing liquids can prevent it from becoming dry and irritated and may even help banish the infection faster. Water, juices, soups etc.
7. Suck on Garlic - If you are a garlic fan, you're in for a treat. Adapted from Amish remedy, this has become one of my favorite home remedies which miraculously cures sore throat quickly.
- Peel a fresh clove & Slice it in half
- Place 1 piece in each cheek
- Suck on the garlic like a cough drop.
- Occasionally, crush your teeth against the garlic, not to bite it in half, but to release its allicin, a chemical that can kill the bacteria that causes strep.
 8. Warm Pepper & Turmeric Milk - Whether I have a sore throat or not, this is what I drink on a regular basis. But on a bad throat day, this drink is magically soothing.
- Mix 1 tsp turmeric powder or turmeric paste and 1 tsp ground black pepper with a glass of warm milk.

9. Cinnamon and Honey Juice - My cousin, who is an Ayurvedic Doctor stands by this remedy. Boil an inch of cinnamon stick and 1 1/2 cups of water. Drain and discard the cinnamon. Before consuming, add a teaspoon of honey.

10. Rest - It will help get you back on the road to recovery. Try not to speak too much and lay back and enjoy! :)
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  1. Girl, you are in a wrong profession. You should have become a doctor. :)
    All these tips are of course useful and many of us would be knowing most about it, but your post will trigger us to use it more. :)
    Good going Kavi... :)

  2. very useful n informative post dear...

  3. Yeah I always look for natural remedies when it comes to Sore Throat. I do most of these, #9 is new to me. Thanks for sharing, Kavi.

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  4. My mom's remedy is boil some ground ginger in water and cool the reduction, filter and add honey to it and also few basil leaves. drink it thrice a day before meals.sure shot remedy which i use for my kids too...

  5. this is definitely helpul for me..coz most of the time I have sore throat..thanks for sharing..

    My addition:
    Mix 1 tsp of sitophaladi( u get this in any pharmacy) with honey..and lick is very useful.

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  8. This is wonderful. My friend is suffering from a bad throat, and this is the perfect timely post for her!!

  9. Good compilation. Some of these we already follow !

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