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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Announcing Healthy Cooking Challenge : Healthy Lunch

For a lot of people, reading *Healthy* & *Tasty* in one sentence is bliss. :-D The constant yo-yoing around with healthy and then junk and then healthy and again junk food is something which (most of us) are familiar with. And since including fitness to my blog, (hoping fervently that it would rub of on me too) I have been on the lookout for anything that is Healthy+Tasty. Coz lets face it - if I had to live off on Caesar Salad & Fruit Juices for the rest of my life to remain fit, I'd DIE!

And when I came across Smita's event: The Healthy Cooking Challenge, and that she was looking for people to guest host the November challenge, I jumped in! :-D And to my delight, she agreed. So here I am, guest hosting my first event. So our theme for November is Healthy Lunch. Lunch - short for luncheon is a mid-day meal. A fresh, wholesome meal eaten between noon & 2 pm helps us to curb temptation that sets in later during the evenings. Put on your thinking caps & come up with unique lunch ideas that are basically healthy. It can be an elaborate Indian meal or a light Western Meal. As long as it is in line with our theme, you're good to go.

Some rules you need to keep in mind are -
1. Post your Recipes between 1st November - 31st November
2.  Old entries re-posted are allowed.
3. Kindly stick to Vegetarian recipes. (Eggs may be used, though not preferable)
4. Please link back to this event-announcement page as well as Smita's page.
5. Usage of logo, though appreciated, is not mandatory.
6. Multiple entries accepted.
7. The roundup of the event will be posted on December 1st, 2011.
8. All eligible entries - please LINK YOUR RECIPES to this page. (with Simply Linked - post your Recipe name & URL here)
9. Non-bloggers & those who are not able to link their recipes here can shoot me an email at - [chefkavi1990(at)gmail(dot)com] with the subject line as - HCC and with the following information -
  • Your Name -
  • Blog's Name -
  • Blog URL
  • Recipe Name -
  • Recipe URL -
  • Attach a picture
  • In case you are a Non-Blogger, send me the recipe too if you want. I'll post it on my blog
Here are some Lunch ideas to get you started -
> Bean Burritos
> Brown Rice & Lentils
>Roti / Tortilla
> Sandwich
> Soup & Salad
> Porridge etc

* I'd be lying if I say I'm not nervous about hosting this event, coz I totally am! This is my very first event and I'm really looking forward to a lot of entries. So please take a moment and link your recipes to this page. Lunch is something we all eat everyday and so, you won't be doing anything out of the way, right? Just cook, click pics, post & link! (Please?! :-) :-D)
I'm even thinking of announcing Virtual Award Winners at the end of this event. :-D

HCC : Healthy Lunch
(Between 1st November - 30th November 2011)


  1. all the best. nice event.

  2. will try to send something. wonderful blog!

  3. wow Kavi. god luck! Hope u get 100s of entries! :)

  4. seems fun. I'll coo my 1st dish for ur event! :D

  5. excited for u kavi! :)) this i sgona be an awesome event!

  6. happy hosting kavi...will try to send in my entries ..

  7. sounds interesting Kavi...wishing you all the best for your first event..
    happy hosting...count me in..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  8. interesting event there...will definitely sent a recipe...


  9. thank you for letting me know linked my entry

    do check out my event hope you can send

    regards Akheela

  10. What a great idea! I hope you’ll get a lot of entries. I’m not that good at vegan food so it’s something I really have to think about. But once I’ve come up with a great lunch recipe I will send it in.
    Ps: thank you for visiting my blog. It’s much appreciated.

  11. Happy hosting Kavi..will try to send some entries:-)

  12. OMG...caviiiiii.....the new look is kinda cool.... loads of love do well as a chef...and keep me stuffed!
    :)....eagerly waiting to taste something new!

  13. Sent entries kavi. Great event. Happy hosting

  14. happy hosting! looking frwd to it.

  15. Good event and a good cause too. I'll surely participate. New to blogging so hoping my entry comes out well.


  16. Hi,linked this event to November list,pl hv a look

  17. Linked my recipe Kavi.
    Thanks for the headsup. :o)

  18. Happy hosting. I've added this event in my event list.

  19. Thank you so much Kavi for your sweet comments.. I enjoy reading your posts too.. have just linked my entry to your event...

  20. Hey kavi, this is really great event. Especially post diwali indulgence. Watch out for my entries.

  21. Congratulations on hosting your first event!

    I'll try to send in my entries too... I've been travelling again so blogging has taken backseat. But the challenge is a motivation to blog during travelling. :)

  22. All the best .....n surely u will receive lots of entries including mine

  23. hi kavi
    just linked my entry and will try to send some more :)

  24. This is agreat idea. Thank you for dropping by my blog. I linked my buckwheat vegan pasta dinner!

    Richa @ Hobby And More Food Blog

  25. Hi KAvi, wandering first time on ur space.. Amazing blog dear . So well woven posts and information . Have subscribed to ur posts. Following u here


  26. Hi..Thanks for informing..Wow..u got soo many enteries..Really i need more than hour to go threw all recipe :) Now i linked my first entry.Sure,i'll try to send more..

    Thanks again!!

  27. have just linked another entry to your event..

  28. Oh la la! Feels so good to see my dish listed here :D :D

  29. linked my 3 recipes..happy hosting !!

  30. Thanks for letting me know kavi. It is done now. Sorry for It.

  31. Hi Kavi, I tried linking yesterday- seems like it did not work out. I shall send you my entry. Thanks!

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