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Monday, 24 October 2011

100th Post:- 3 Tier Whimsical Birthday Cake

I cannot believe that Edible Entertainment is 100 posts old already! When I started this blog on a Saturday night, I did not for one second know that this would turn into a passion! I read Divya Kudua’s blog Easycooking & just made a decision on an impulse to start a Food Blog. Then, Manali Shah’s valuable opinion made me realize how important it is to have a good click of your dish. Along with cooking, my dormant interest in photography has emerged too. And now, I try my best to make my food on the plate look good, get a best shot of it from the best possible angle, editing it and so on….

Anyway, I wanted to celebrate the 100th post of my blog with a Cake. (I had decided that since my first recipe, a Black Forest Cake. Only, I didn’t know if I would survive until the 100th post! :P) It also happened to be my brother’s 15th birthday! [I started cooking because I realized my interest in food, no doubt. But also, to get the “Best Sister” award from my foodie brother!  ;-)] So, I clubbed the two events to make a 3 tier Whimsical CAKE. ‘Whimsical’ because this one has no rules, no perfection, nothing! ;-) What you want; you do. Any cake any icing! (Oh No Sir, you do not use tomato ketchup as icing on the cake! :-P

To make the cake, you’ll need
3 Chocolate Cakes of various sizes. (I made all in the Microwave)
Chocolate Buttercream Frosting or Ganache or Fudge
Kit Kat Fingers
Colorful Candies (like M&M, Gems etc)
Chocolate Sprinkles / Vermicelli

1. Take the largest of the cake & apply Whipped Cream all over. 
2. Sprinkle some chocolate sprinkles, scrolls, etc.
3. Place the second tier cake on it & apply chocolate buttercream or ganache.

4. Place the 3rd layer of the cake on top & apply whipped cream on it. 
5. Stick Kit Kat Finger on the side of the cake to make it look like a fence. If this is not possible, just poke each Kit Kat gently on the lower cake layer.
6. Decorate the second layer with Gems or M&M.
7. Use any Chocolate Decoration of you choice on the third. I melted some chocolate & make a supposedly joker face.
8. Keep it chilled until you have to cut it. 
* Make sure your whipped cream is chilled. Mine started melting very soon. I had to freeze it every 20 minutes while decorating.

Happy Birthday Satya! (It also happens to be another landmark. 80 followers via Google Friend Connect! )
Yes, I know the cake looks comical. And that was the intention - really. You could of course do it neatly.
Will be announcing an event shortly. Stay tuned.


  1. Whoa.whoa.whoa.

    Too much! :D
    Looks brilliant, though.

  2. Congrats. The cake has come out well.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS, babe!! So so happy for you. That cake looks super nice especially bcoz it's so messy n cute! And it's damn sweet of you to mention me like that.. makes me feel goood :D

  4. congrats kavi and many more will surely follow ur way............

  5. Congrats on your first century...cake came out well n who will say no to choco cake...yummy...
    Keep rocking !!!

  6. wow, so it is 2-in-1 cake. Congrats dear on 100th post and happy birthday to your little brother. The cake looks simply wonderful and delicious. I am a chocoholic, so it is heaven :)

  7. congrats and happy birthday to your brother
    lovely cake

  8. Congrats on 100th post. Keep rocking
    Lovely cake.

  9. Congrats Kavi and a belated happy birthday to your brother as well. Hope you made his day with this wonderful cake.

  10. These look delicious.

  11. funny luking cake. :))

  12. Looks so yummy :)


  13. Wish you and your family and blessed and a happy Diwali. Warm Regards Susan

  14. aww. that's really cute! and yes, your bro does have a large head! :D must be really brainy!

  15. Ooo Satya is 15 already?! Awesome Cake!

  16. Happy birthday to your bro!:D

  17. woaah! Satya is becoming big! Happy birthday!

  18. cake has come out fantastically!

  19. congratulations! 100 posts! A great milestone indeed. Looking forward to a lot more from you! Your patience & persistence will surely get your blog a long way!
    A great cake, again!

  20. thank you for linking this delicious cake to the event


Thanks for the feedback! :-)

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