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About Me:
I’m KR. I live in the greatest city on earth - Mumbai! :) I’m in college, studying to become a Commerce graduate and a Chartered Accountant. I spend most of my day dreaming and making up new recipes (when in fact, I should be studying for exams :P) Cooking is something I've been doing since the age of 9 and thanks to my blog, I get to keep my passion alive! :)

About the blog
Edible Entertainment documents my quest for simple yet exotic and delicious pleasures in food.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions from readers-
What is this blog about?
Basically; you'll find anything related to FOOD here. Recipes, reviews, pictures etc. I started off with a cake that I am still proud of and slowly graduated to more complicated recipes. But I do have a lot of plans (besides recipes) in store for the future. :) ***come back... and keep coming back... :)***

> But why another blog for food & recipes?
Well, I never really did a Market Research to find out a niché and then deliver what people wanted. And neither did I plan to pursue the interest so seriously. I followed my instincts. And now that I enjoy it so much and the blog is a mini-success(?), I am glad I started it.
Besides, the USP of my blog is the step-by-step photographs that I post for all recipe-related-posts. There aren't many food blogs/sites that do that. So, in a way, it’s a niche within a niche. :)

> Why the name Edible Entertainment?
I honestly don’t know. When I decided to start my food blog, I came up with 44 names! But none of them felt really, you know – ME. And finally, out of nowhere this name came to me. But in retrospect, I think it fits nicely with my personality and my posts. What do you say? :D

> What sort of cuisines does the blog cover?
Right now, most of the dishes are Indian. You would also find a lot of American and Italian dishes and quite a few cakes. I am consciously aiming at creating a database for recipes from every cuisine in the world, and not just India. But being an Indian, I can’t help but cook & post vast untapped dishes of my country. :)

> Is this a vegetarian blog?
Yes. Edible Entertainment is a lacto-vegetarian blog - (no eggs or meat but includes all diary products.) A few recipes are vegan, which I have marked and separately listed out in the Index-section.

Are the recipes posted in your blog tested?
Obviously. I only post recipes which are tested. And I make it a point to click photos of every important step of the recipe to make it easier for you. On any rare occasion that I fail to click step-wise photos, I seek your apology. :D

> What camera do you use?
Right now, I own a humble 12 megapixel Fujifilm Camera. All the photos in my blog (unless otherwise specified) are clicked from this camera only. It doesn't have a lot of functions. But the photos are better than what I click with my cell phone. So, I'm not complaining. :)

> You write reviews…
Yes, I do review food related books, products and I am open to doing such reviews. (Whether sponsored or otherwise) I, however, reserve the right to express my honest opinions about the products that I review.

> What about your comments-policy?
I would love to hear from you, even if what you express is not what I believe in. However, I only accept constructive criticism. All spam, hateful & rude comments will be deleted.
Do leave the links to your blogs & events on my posts. I will try my best to visit each one of your blogs/events & post my feedback. After all, the blogging community thrives on support from fellow-bloggers, right? :D

> Is your blog right protected?
Yes. I am the sole owner of the photos and content of this blog. This blog is registered & protected under a Creative Commons Attribution LicenseIt is unethical to rip off content. I request you to ask me before you reproduce any of the content elsewhere or at least give due credit for my work. Any unauthorized usage will constitute as plagiarism. I'm pretty cool about people sharing my content and so, all you have to do is ASK. :)

> I like your recipes/pictures and would like to feature it on my blog/website/magazine etc. Can I?
I'd really appreciate it if you could contact me first before reproducing my work so that I have a better understanding of how my work is going to be represented. That is all. Shoot me a mail at

> What about questions I don't find here?
You are free to ask me anything. Whether you want to request a recipe or general tips, or want to just leave your feedback, please do so at the end of this post or send me an email at

I am also available for writing jobs, reviews both related to food & otherwise. Please contact me at

Peace Out \m/
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