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How to Cook

Featuring all posts related to basics of cooking from cutting fruits and vegetables to baking a cake or cookie.
Cooking is not rocket science. But if you don't like it, then it's harder than rocket science. We all learn what we want to learn, what we love and what we really want to do. Anything learned out of compulsion or force doesn't stick with you for long. So, if you really love cooking and want to start, then you've come to the right place. :-) I've compiled a list of posts related to basics of cooking here. Whether you want to learn how to cut a fruit or want to know how to plan a menu or you want to know the science behind all that cooking, you will find here.
keep checking for updates. I've only just started this series. :-)

Basics of Baking - Everything you need to know before you start the *B* word. :-)
Choosing the right Oven - a list of different types of ovens available
How to cook Gelatin / Agar agar/ China Grass/ Kanten - It has proved to be a trouble-maker in many a dishes. But if you learn the trick, you can become the Master-of-Mousse! :-D
How to eat Chapati (Indian Flat-bread) - The title says it all.
Types of Frosting / Icing - 5 most common icing types. Let your imagination run wild and create many more frosting/icing using these as a base.
Substitutes for Egg in a recipe -For all those who don't or can't eat eggs, this post explains the gist of substituting for eggs in a recipe. I've written it in a tabular form which will make it easier to understand
Step by step guide on how to temper chocolate -  Tempering is the process that makes chocolate have a perfect shiny surface and texture. Its tricky, but if you do it a few times, you'll master it! :)
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