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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Developments: 1st month of blogging at Foodomania!

I did say that this would be my last post on Edible Entertainment. However, I just missed the Blogger platform so much so that I decided to update this blog too! ;) Exactly 1 month ago, I left blogger for my new blog and I'm extremely happy with the new space.

Have you all updated your links to be in touch with my new posts? :D If not, do so now! Since it is a WordPress blog, there won't be any Google followers button. However, you can add the feed url or my blog url on your dashboard to keep getting updates. Or like me on Facebook. I'm super active there. Google+Twitter and Pinterest are sites I update regularly too. If not, get the posts delivered by email :D Just don't lose touch, okay?

So.. I'm having so much fun at my new blog! Although Blogger is extremely easy, there are so many things one could do at WordPress! I love it. :-D And I've already posted more than 70 recipes (of which, 20-30 are old ones from Edible Entertainment). If you haven't checked that out already, go check out now!

Here's a glimpse of what's cooking in Foodomania!

1. For starters.. I started blogging with this decadent Caramel and Chocolate Sandwich. If anything defines comfort food, it has to be this mouth watering dessert here!

2. Then came this mind boggling dessert! An ice cream made with protein powder. Actually, its a Kulfi, the Indian Ice cream. I'm very proud of this one here because it is not just tasty, but it is super healthy! ~ The Protein Powder Kulfi.

3. When it comes to Tamil Cuisine, I'm not interested because mum makes it all. But a theme based event made me rise & make this delicious and hot Sambar - a thick lentil spicy soup.

4. I outdid myself by making a healthier version of the famous Indo Chinese dish. This is the baked potato Manchurian.

5.  Finally, I found the simplest recipe for Nutty Chocolate Brownies!

For these and more such delicious recipes, please visit
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