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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Kid's Delight Roundup Part 1

Hello folks!

I'm doing the Roundup in 3 parts because we've got more than 150 recipes linked to the Something Sweet event. And I wanted to do a detailed post on these delicious treats. Thanks to Srivalli, who let me host this event. I didn't realize we would get so many entries coz I didn't even spread the word much. But we did. :-) So thank you all!
Also, I will be posting the roundup at least a week apart coz it takes time to accrue all the pictures and link them. So, please have patience! :-D I have taken care to include all the eligible entries in my Roundup. Just in case I've left out any, please shoot me a comment. I shall verify the same. But do check your post before notifying me; coz its more likely that you haven't followed the event rules & hence, left behind.
So get ready for the 1st part of Kid's Delight..

Til ke Ladoo - Maayeka                    Apple Crumble - Pumpkin farm
blueberry pielets                      &               swiss roll - pradnya
caramelized puffed rice - pinky        lazy cook's nuts abt u
Kerala boli - Vidhya                        Fruit Cake - Rajani
walnut brownies                              &    chocolate meringues - Pradnya
coconut muffin - Christy                      eggless choco brownies - Sobha
strawberry parfait - Sadhana              chana & moon payasam - Sravani
butterscotch cupcakes          &     blueberry parfait  - Pradnya
Paneer Barfi - Gayathri    &      Shrikhand - Gauri
Hema - Rasaya Sekarni      &      Shahi Tukra - Kamalika
Gajar Ka Halwa - Amarendra     &           Carrot Fudge - Anjali
chocolate cupcakes - lazy cooks  &        chocolate ice cream - Kamalika
Nutella covered cornflakes           &  Orange Kheer - Priya
Vermicelli pudding - Julie             &          Banana Blueberry Shake - Sadhana
Ela Ada - Rajani           &     Chocolate Milkshake - Hema
Nutella Apple Sandwich   &   Mixed nuts, chocolate & peanut butter fudge - Priya
Soft Sesame Fudge - Ashwin      &            Magic Squares - Sayali
custard upside down       &     Chocolate biscuit delight - Shabnam
chocolate & carrot cupcakes - Hema  &  chocolate  halva - shabnam
Vegan sweet potato kheer - Harini       &  Black forest cake - Amina
Carrot poli                      &              vegan choc cupcake - Harini
eggless orange corn muffin - Harini       & Chocolate cake pops - Priya
Vegan Pumpkin Scone - Harini   &   Strawberry & Apple Milkshake - Gayathri

Gajak - Varada      &         Yorkshire Parkincake - Archana
Vegan dates cake - Priya           Paneer Rose Pussing - Mireille
Urad Dal Halwa - Hema              White chocolate blondies - Priya
Tenkai Karjikayalu         &        Dates Kheer - Hema
Puri Urandai - Hema                  Mangi Kulfi - Harini
Moong Dal pudding  - Priya        Custard cookies - Ashwini
Homemade Chocolate -  Rajani                           Sesame Balls - Anisha
chocolate banoffee pie - Archana      &  coffee caramel custard - Simran

Well, that concludes Part I of the roundup of Kid's Delight. This is just the beginning. We have another 100 posts waiting or us at Part II and Part III of the roundup.. (to be updated shortly)


  1. excellent round up..part 1!looking forward to the other parts too..:)

  2. Fab gal! It's really tough to pile up the pics with the links, so take your good time. :)
    We are enjoying the sweets in breaks anyway.

  3. nice roundup


  4. I don't see my entries kavi.. maybe in store next week.. shall wait..a lovely round up girl :)

  5. Wonderful roundup Kavi, that's really so many to check out!

  6. Amazing round up Chef Kavi. surely a lot of yummy treats and recipes to drool on.
    Love Ash.

  7. nice collections of recipes :)

  8. lovely round up and so much of recipes..all the 3 parts!

  9. lovely round up and so much of recipes..all the 3 parts!

  10. lovely round up and so much of recipes..all the 3 parts!

  11. lovely round up and so much of recipes..all the 3 parts!


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