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Wednesday 1 February 2012

Cooking With Kin - Series Announcement

Here's presenting the first ever Series to be featured on Edible Entertainment - Cooking With Kin or in short, the CWK Series. Here,  I will feature a recipe from a fellow blogger or a non blogger I admire. CWK will be a fun way of getting to know each other, their cooking styles and new & exciting recipes! :)
Here's a list of people who have graciously contributed their recipes to this series (and literally saved my blog from being dead for the next 3 months!) -

1. Spiced-Up Carrot Sago Pudding - Radhika Subramanium
2. Masala Vadai (Lentil Dumpling) - Vardhini Koushik
3. Stuffed Bitter Gourd (Karela) - Ashwini Deshpande
4. Falafel and Wraps - Princy Vinoth
5. Soy Granules Pudding - Pratibha Sreejith
6. Yam & green gram in coconut gravy - Priya
7. Khus Khus Poori - Gayathri
8. Green Peas Curry - Gayathri
9. Mint Orange Lemonade - Manali Shah
10. Ela Ada - Ramya
11. Baklava - Julie
12. Rose Milk Ice Cream - Aarthi
13. Stuffed Capsicum - Chitra
14. Shaam Savera (delicious side dish) - Rasi
15. Instant Raw Mango Pickle - Anjali
16. Chinese Fried Rice - Nisha


  1. Interesting concept and good luck with your studies.
    Love Ash.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. That sounds like an interesting Series Kavi :) Lemme know if I can help and all the best wishes dear..

  4. nice event


  5. Nice idea! :) Will come back on 5th to check out what's cooking! :)

  6. Lovely concept,am eager to know about wat you cooked..

  7. sounds interesting, waiting for the next post :)

  8. i will surely love to give my recipe dear..Can i give step by step recipes to you Or you need a single picture recipe...This is my email id you can contact me to tell about this more..

  9. wow..this is very nice concept...i will surely love to give my recipe dear....This is my email id you can contact me to tell about this more..Just let me know what do i need to do .......

    looking forward to here from ur side..good luck for the studies....

  10. Hi Kavi...
    thanks for asking me!...I am as excited as U cos, this is the first time someone has asked to do a guest post!...would love to do it...Just let me know when...I can do it as early as tomorrow March 12 or later too...any case is fine with me....Let me know how it works...Do we post the recipe simultaneously on both our blogs? Do I email the post to you so that you can post it on your blog?
    Let me know!...My email is Smitha(dot)joga(at)gmail(dot)com

  11. Definitely missed this, can I take a participation


    Hema's Adugemane


Thanks for the feedback! :-)

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