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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Kid's Delight Roundup Part 3

Hello folks!

While I miss the cooking and recipe-gawking activities, these delicious dishes linked to the January edition of Kid's Delight have certainly kept me entertained! In case you haven't seen already, I have posted Part I & Part II of the Kid's Delight Event. This is the final part of the Roundup. Hope you guys enjoy! :-)

Chocolate Pudding                Mysore Pak    - Smitha
Cake pops - Smitha              Butter cookies - Rathai
Dhodal - Rathai                          Cake pops - Pradnya
Fruit n ice cream tart - Preeti           Coconut Macaroons - Akheela
Cake balls - Princy           Chocolate spiral buns - Hasna
Almond cookies - Swetha          Sweet tangy dessert - Preeti
Beet chocolate cake - Julie        Mini cake bites - Amy
Marshmallow Pops               Heart shaped cake - Amy
Chocolate truffle - Pratibha         Orange Lemon muffin - Chitra
Mango yogurt - Anjali                               Jalebi - Chitra
Mocha mousse cake - Archana            Marble cupcakes - Mythreyi
Ginger almond biscuits - Rasi        Multigrain mocha cake - Sumee
Chocolate Pizza - Sobha                          Chocolate covered strawberries - Deeps
Oreo milkshake               Anamika               Kid's ice cream sundae
Pink chocolate pudding - Princy     Rose & Pista Cupcake - Ambreen
Chocolate pudding - Rinku          Layered custard - Rashida
Strawberry souffle - Hema              Chocolate covered almond stuffed dates
Velvet cake & fondant rose - Sravani        Brownie Trifle - Hasna
Nutella mug cake - Jaleela     Beetroot halwa - Pratibha
Wheat pancakes - Pradnya             Strawberry Apple milkshake - Gayathri
Custard Powder fudge                    Semolina fudge   - ME
That's it! :) Do let me know if I've missed your entry. I'm sure you now have an answer to your sweet cravings! Enjoy! :-)
Part I | Part II | Part III


  1. I feel like having a bite of each of these, mouthwatering!!!

  2. That's a wonderful roundup!

  3. hmpf! hey you said i would find more than just edible things and now i stumble over this and i'm like: i WANT to bake something right now! haha, just kidding!
    i made some cake pops, but mine didn't turn out as beautiful as yours, so now i'm envy on you!
    and i might pop in and out here just to see what you'll bake because i just can't stop myself haha!/Azure

  4. Awesome round up! Such a treat to the eye :)

  5. Are you sure it is just for kids ?? :) :)

    UK Rasoi
    Ongoing event: ‘’For you – Mum’’

  6. Awesome guest post recipe from Pratibha. Its seems to be really easy and yummy too

  7. Wonderful round up Kavi..I have bookmarked some very interesting ones..thanks for hosting!


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