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Monday, 9 April 2012

Rose-milk Icecream | Cooking With Kin #12#

Rose-milk Ice Cream
Yummy Tummy... that's what she calls her blog. Aarthi is one of the few immensely successful food bloggers who has the patience and dedication to blogging like no one! In just a year, she has posted 500+ recipes with step-by-step photographs! I'm thrilled to have her as my Cooking With Kin Guest today. :-) I actually felt really guilty troubling her with my request when I knew she was busy with her Wedding preparations. On the other hand, I really really wanted her to do one for me! :) So I listened to what Bible says, "Ask, and Ye Shall Receive"... :-D I shot her an email & (whooopiieee) she agreed! And now, over to the bride-to-be. :)
When I was asked to do a guest post by Kavitha, I never wanted to say No to her..I accepted
immediately..Thank you Kavitha for giving me this opportunity to post my recipe in your awesome blog. I am really happy to meet all your viewers and do this post..I am gonna give you a cool recipe which is going to make you chill this whole summer
It is rose milk ice-cream, a real flavorful ice cream which is flavored with rose essence and rose water. This is so simple to put together, just whip up some stuffs for few minutes and freeze it for few hours. Then you are set with a bowlful of goodness which make you drool.

(Print this recipe) 
Heavy Cream / Whipping Cream – 1 liter (5 cups) (I used Amul Fresh Cream)
Sugar – 250 grams / 1 1/4 cup
Rose Milk Essence – 1 tablespoon
Rose Water – 2 tablespoon
Take whipping cream and sugar in a large mixing bowl and start beating it with a electric blender.

When it starts to thicken. Add rose milk essence and rose water and whip again.
Whip till it gets thick and creamy.

Transfer it to a freezer container (air tight) and freeze over night.

Scoop it and serve cold..

Enjoy summer with this cold flavorful ice cream.


  1. super click, mouthwatering rose milk ice cream

  2. Very delicious, lowly color..

  3. wow this is a beautiful post.and yes soo simple.i have to try this soon.

  4. Such an lovely and simple recipe... gr8 will soon try..
    Ongoing event
    "Let's Party"
    "EP Series - Mint & Coriander"

  5. Looks awesome, creamy n yumm...

  6. the ice cream looks really good, and easy to make with simplest ingredients. doesn't even require egg, yay.

    i didn't know this Gulabari rose water was edible after i saw all the chemicals listed on the bottle i have, but looks like it's okay! :)

  7. Looks pretty simple KAvi. Arthi has done a wonderful job. Looks delicious.

  8. Yumm, wat a super tempting icecream..

  9. Delicious and yummy ice cream.

  10. Mouth watering n tempting. Do visit my blog when you get time.

  11. Very tempting.Looks delicious

  12. a perfect ice cream, awesome guest post Kavi

  13. Ice cream looks so inviting! Nice recipe and wonderful blog..happy to follow u :)


  14. This is one treat I would not want to miss and 2 of my Fav bloggers under one space is virtual treat for us.
    Love Ash.

  15. loved the guest post and I too enjoy Aarthi's posts with her step-by-step pics...


  16. Opps!! I am late...Thanks for posting it dear...

  17. This is such an easy one.. should give it a shot.. TRue aarthi is a very dedicated blogger with an amazin collection of recipe!

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  18. Lovely icecream. That color looks so good !!

  19. this looks yummy and so easy to make. didnt know we can make using just these ingredients. wud love to try this soon

  20. Thank you for the wonderful recipe! I always wanted to learn how to make my own ice-cream and this recipe is perfect for starters!


Thanks for the feedback! :-)

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