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Monday, 23 July 2012

Launching my NEW BLOG!

Greetings! :)

I apologize (to anybody who has missed me! :D) for being so irregular for the past few weeks. It hasn't been all hunky dory at my end. However, this blog is not a platform for me to write the woes of my life. I'll just stick to what has kept me from blogging...

It has taken a few months, but I've realized this is one hobby I'd seriously like to pursue along with the other career commitments. Even though it seems like the entire world's time is lost on me, I still vow to make time (no matter how less) for this passion. My dream is to build a go-to website for all kinds of foods from around the globe. Which is exactly why I decided to go PRO!

I've gotten myself a new domain and a host! Sorry Google! I'm gonna have to move out! :P Ladies & Gentlemen, (& spammers :D) here's introducing the new food blog in town -

                - for people who are crazy about food! 

And if you aren't one of them, one click on the link and you will be! :D (Bah! That seems like a hype right now because it is still in its incubator-y stage! But give it a few months and your words of encouragement and you'll see it transform!)

Kindly update your links with the following to continue receiving delectable updates!

1. I am active on Facebook. If you are a regular Facebook-er, you may want to hit *Like* on my page to get recipe updates and much more! (Loads of contests & giveaways coming up on Facebook!)

2. To receive updates delivered to your inbox, click on the following link & enter your email ID

3. To Subscribe via RSS Feed - visit

4. For Blogger Users:- Add either of these links to your *Reading List* -

5. For Wordpress Users:
- Sign into your wordpress account.
- Go to "Reader" tab.
- The first option is "Blogs I Follow". Click on "Edit List" next to it.
- Enter the url -

6. You can also Follow Me on Twitter.

7. Are you one of the Google Plus folks? Well, I have an account there too! :-D Follow me there.

Look around the new website. Its still a work-in-progress. I wanted to re-post all my older posts (and not just import them) so it'll take sometime before everything settles down! :) I've categorized the recipes which will make it easy for you to navigate across the website. Your valuable comments, feedback, suggestions are like gold to me! They're always welcome! :)

This is effectively my last post on Edible Entertainment.

Henceforth - Foodomania!


  1. followed it... congrats :)

  2. congrats dear..

    done the needful so i dont miss your posts

  3. Kavi-loved the new format although I have to say that I would miss the name of edible entertainment . Following u gal-much love

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