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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Microwave Easy Cooking - Event Announcement

This month is going to be special and hectic. I am hosting two events. So the first one- I'm guest hosting Microwave Easy Cooking for Srivalli. When Srivalli agreed to let me guest host the event, I did a little fishing around & was surprised to trace back the history of this event to August 2007! Which means the event was started when I was in the 10th grade! :-D As shocking as it is to find that she has patiently been hosting it for the past 4 years, it makes one thing clear - there is NO SHORTAGE of dishes to be made in the Microwave. And the best thing about it is - it is quick, less messy & not many dishes to clean up afterwards! The perfect solution for lazy-bums like me! :-P

So, let's look at some basic rules - 
(You have to comply with ALL of them to be eligible for the roundup. After the first intimation, if you still don't make suitable adjustments within a week, your entry will be deleted)
1. Theme - ANYTHING cooked in a Microwave. 
But entire cooking needs to be done in the MW only. No stove top or oven or grill allowed. You can of course use food processors/blender & other grinding/cutting apparels.
2. Only vegetarian entries. Eggs are allowed.
3. Usage of Logo is mandatory
4. Entries posted OR re-posted between December 1st-31st 2011 will only be accepted.
5. Clearly mention the event Microwave Easy Cooking with my event announcement link ( as well as Srivalli's link. (
6. Multiple entries accepted
7. Event open to all bloggers & non-bloggers.
8. At the end of this post, there's a linky tool. Link your entries there.
   ► Only if you are a non-blogger or cannot link it on your own, send in your entries at in the following format with the subject line - MEC
Name -
Recipe Name -
Recipe URL - if any
Picture - restrict to 400 pixels if possible (go to paint & reduce the size to half. that should do the trick)
Hope you will all contribute as many recipes as possible! :-) There is a lot of scope for creative dishes. So get those juices flowing ~~~~ Bazinga! :P


  1. My MW is dead...will miss this one!

  2. Happy hosting Kavi.

    The salt and pepper did not seep into the okra, but the pieces were small and the flavor was there from the coating itself.

  3. Very well phrased kavi..thanks for hosting...btw that mention abt the 10th grade, gosh that does make me feel ancient,,heheh...kidding ok!..

    happy hosting..

  4. Oye Kavi! Want to participate but need some ideas from your side on how I can use my dabba microwave!

  5. My microwave is not working re, just went off this week :( will send some from archives :)

  6. Hi Kavi
    Happy hosting dear. I will send my entry soon.

  7. Thanks for hosting ...will link my recipe soon.

  8. Hi, linked my recipe. It will be awesome if you can participate in my event!


Thanks for the feedback! :-)

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