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Monday, 28 November 2011

Soya Tamatari | Soya Beans in rich Tomato Gravy

I came up with that name all by myself! :-P This is 100% my recipe! Well, nothing extra-ordinary. The usual. But the fact that I didn't look into a recipe this time makes this dish special! :-) I didn't even ask my mom's opinion. And we loved it! Whether you will like it or not, I cannot guarantee. But I will tell you this - if you love the tangy tomato twist and want to know for sure that you are adding considerable amounts of protein (soya) to your diet, then do not miss the recipe! I also used Almonds & Cashews to give it a rich royal flavor! (I was even gonna use Ghee/Clarified Butter but freaked out at the last minute)

1 cup
soaked overnight
5 (medium)
chopped roughly
Capsicum / Bell Pepper
1 (medium)
cut finely
2 medium
Cut finely
Mint Leaves / Pudina
5-6 tablespoons
Chopped roughly
Garlic Cloves
Lightly crushed
Green Chili
Roughly chopped
Fennel Seeds / Saunf
2 teaspoons
Flax seeds
2 teaspoons
Cashew Nuts
Broken roughly
Blanched (boiled & peeled)
Cardamom Powder
1 teaspoon
3 tablespoons or as per taste
In total. Read on for details
Turmeric Powder / Haldi
1 teaspoon
Red Chili Powder
1 teaspoon
Adjust accordingly
Coriander Seeds/Dhania powder
1 teaspoon
Garam Masala
1 teaspoon
Skip if you want less spicy
3 tablespoons
More, if you want a greasy curry
Method -
Boiling Soybeans
Soak the Soybeans overnight. They double up in size. 
Drain the water. Add more water to cover the beans & add 1 TBSP SALT
Steam / Boil / Pressure cook until the Soybeans get soft. It took me about 8-10 whistles in my pressure cooker

Making the Gravy
Heat 1 TBSP oil & add the Garlic cloves & sauté for 1/2 minute
Add green chilis & then all the nuts & whole spices (Cashews, Almonds, Fennel, Flaxseed, Cardamom) and sauté until you get a garlic-y smell & the nuts start getting golden.
Add onions & fry till they are golden. Then add tomatoes.
Add salt & cook until the onion-tomatoes mix reduces in size.
Let it cool a bit. Add it to a blender
Add the mint leaves. I love the smell of mint. Skip if you want. 
Blend it to a semi-smooth paste &; keep aside.
the green chilies & mint add a whole new flavor to the gravy
Cooking the Gravy
Heat 2 TBSP of oil in the same pan/wok. Add the remaining half of onions & sauté until light golden
Add capsicum , tomatoes
Add the powdered spices (Red Chili Powder, Turmeric Powder, Dhania/Coriander Seeds powder, Garama Masala) & mix
Add the gravy paste from the blender to the pan. (It doesn't look too red because I added a bunch of Mint leaves. You can skip the mint if you want.)
Add some of the Soy-Water. & let it cook until the raw smell of nuts & fennel goes away. It takes about 5 minutes (stir every now and then) for it to be completely cooked. (Watch out for oil leaving the sides of the gravy. That's your cue to know its done)
Final Step: Adding the Soybeans
Add the soybeans & mix well. 
Eat it like that as a dry curry.
Add the remaining water from the Soybeans to the pan (only enough to cover the soybeans on the pan). Or if you don't have, add plain water.
Add boiled potato cubes, if you want.
Let it boil (stir occasionally) for around 4-5 minutes.
Garnish with coriander leaves & serve with roti, rice etc!
Enjoy! :-)


  1. Very delicious looking curry with soy bean. Super proteincious.

  2. Even though the dish has so many ingredients, it looks very simple to make. With soft rotis, it will be a lunch time hit :D

  3. Hey! I've never tasted soya beans so I cannot even begin to imagine what it would taste like but it sure looks goood! Proud of you, babe! Already creating originals ;)

  4. very delicious curry...excellent preparation...loved it !!!

  5. Healthy curry. Looks very tempting. Yumm Yumm!

  6. excellent presn

  7. oh my! the soybeans look just amazing! would love to have it with your Indian flatbread! :)

  8. That looks yummy! Healthy and delicious, just my kind of meal. Come visit us. We are having a terrific giveaway this week. 3 great charm bracelets from Cutey.


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