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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Jingle All The Way - Roundup

First of all, I apologize for posting the roundup so late! I wanted do a detailed roundup and it took longer than I expected. With over 200 entries, Jingle All The Way was surely a success! :-) This is a list of Cakes, cookies, Christmas stories & much more
I thank each and everyone of you who took time off to link it to my event. Please let me know if your post is missing. I have been careful enough to include all posts that conformed with the rules.

Before we move on,check out ongoing event on my blog - Kid's Delight - Something Sweet.

1) Archana has sent 4 yummy dishes - Chocolate Nan Khatai, Rainbow Cake, Apple Cupcake & Gulab Jamun

2) Ambika has linked the very beautiful Banana Coconut Fudge

3) Richa, from Ambrosia tells us about her Christmas party at the office
4) Amina has sent her soft sponge cake
5) Anjali has sent 3 good looking dishes - Corn capsicum Salad, Apple paneer mishrimava & Dal dhokli
6) Anzz too sent 3 wonderful dishes - White chocolate rocky road bars, chocolate marquise & mixed fruit wine.

7) Shruti, from A Spoon Full of Yum sent 2 dishes - Banana Nutella Pancake Layer Cake with Whipped Cream and Spiced Hot Nutella

8) Ruth from At number 29, linked her Penguin Cake

9) Courtenay and Melissa send their beautiful Candy Cane Cookies

10) Surabhi has sent her cake with cinnamon streusal topping

11) Bizzy linked Double Pear Bread & Veg Latkes

12) Cinnamon Espresso Chocolate Cookies from bookcasefoodie

13) Amalia linked her yummy Pecan Pillows

14) Chitra sent 2 wonderful dishes - Banana & Nut Loaf and Dates Cake

15) Deepali sent her X-Mas Fruit Cake

16) Jaleela linked 2 of her dishes - Tomato Halwa & Soji Kheer

17) Pratibha has sent 2 dishes too - Kerala Plum Cake & Sabudana Kheer

18) Deana linked her very beautiful Decorated Sugar Cookies

19) Deeksha linked her Bharwan Tikki

20) Divya sent her Eggnog Cake

21) Julie sent 3 yummy dishes - Marble Cake, Citrus Pudding & Banana pudding

22) Faseela has linked 4 great dishes - semiya custard, banana payasam, almond halwa & semiya kheer

23) Anisha sent 4 amazing recipes with beautiful clicks - vanilla cake with royal icing, nutella chocolate pudding, eggless tiramisu & pineapple upside down cake

24) La sends her vermicelli coconut milk pudding

25) Amy linked 3 recipes - carrot salad, rainbow cupcakes & vanilla cupcakes

26) We have Christmas Sweet Puffs from Mama's World

27) Hema linked vanilla cake

28) DoleValleyGirl sent the very delicious Chocolate Peppermint Muffins

29) Hasna sent her cool Ben 10 vanilla cake

30) And from Neetu's blog, we have the yumtastic chocolate mocha shake & Fruit n nut rocks

31) Ramya sent her Dates and Sesame Balls

32) Akheela sent her innovative Sago Coconut Cookies

33) Ashwini linked her very awesome Car Cake and Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies

34) Rashida linked a spongy Carrot cake & the juicy Rasgulla

35) Jocelyn sent an amazing cappuccino fudge

36) Jyoti, from the very beautiful blog Pages, sends 2 wonderful dishes - Nan khatai & Nutella brownies
37) Revathi linked her Pistachio Choco Fudge... slurp!

38) Jo Lyn linked her super easy Fudge

39) We have a very beautiful Coconut Chocolate cake from Poonam

40) A gorgeous carrot cinnamon chocolate cake from Killerontheplate

41) Kokila sends 4 dishes - Kesari, Semiya kheer, a smoothie & bread toast

42) Ragi pudding, chocolate cake, cup cake & MW orange cake by Archana

43) Kelly's Christmas themed fruit salad is so cute!

44) And here comes a gooey lava cake from Malaysian Delicacies

45) Delicious Samosas & Mocha cake by Manju

46) With a whopping 11 entries, Christy sure takes the cake for top most contributor! - dates pudding, black forest cake, almond muffins, custard cake, lemon cake, lemon cookies, horlicks oats cookies, coffee cream pie, chocolate truffles & caramel bread cake!

47) Neetz sent her Yo Yo biscuit and Aval Unda

48) Kaveri sends her Nei Appam
49) Gauri send us these amazingly flavorful Khari Biscuits

50) Poornima has two beautiful dishes for us - Vegan fruit n nut cake & strawberry mousse

51) Pranati has linked 7 dishes! Be sure to check out her puffed rice granola, black eyed pea vada, vermicelli halwa, pineapple khata, broccoli pizza, wheat laddoo & lemon pancakes
52) Banana & choco chip muffins, sheera, red velvet cup cake, gajar halwa, vanilla cupcake and puranpoli by Pumpkin Farmfood

53) Prathima from the picturesque Pratz Corner linked her special Gingerbread Cookies & Cinnamon Crispies

54) Priya sends her sugar ball cookies & fruit cake

55) Rathai linked her cinnamon roll with almond filling

56) Hetal sent 4 great dishes - double chocolate cappuccino, chocolate pudding, self saucing choc pudding. vanilla cake

57) Reets sent Thumbprint cookie & egg curry

58) Roshan's fruit cake

59) Sangee's amazing Chocolate Pista Biscotti & Vermicelli payasam

60) PJ sent Yellow Sponge Cake

61) Sasikala sent 3 - Manoharam, shortbread cookies & Breadsticks
62) Nisa sends her boil & bake fruit cake

63) Nicole sent her creation - winter solstice ornaments

64) Sadhana sends whole wheat choco chip cookies & tropical banana bread

65) Chitra's beautiful Zebra cake with vanilla buttercream

66) We have Honey glazed baby carrots & Mint Julep by Fahad

67) From one of the most beautiful sites, we have 4 dishes! Coconut cake, cookie cutter chocolates, tutti frutti cookies, fruit cake!

68) Simran linked - rocky road, white choco cookies, fruitcake cookie, chocolate fudge

69) Princy, from Spicy Food has sent 4 yummilicious dishes - Tiramisu, Bread Rolls, chickpea bun & choco chip muffin

70) Next, we have Potato Latkes & Golden Latkes from Bizzy Bakes

71) Umm sends Paal paniyaram & Bibingka
72) Teena Mary linked her red velvet cupcake & coffee cake pops

73) D sent her beautifully arranged vanilla & chocolate puff pastries

74) Red Velvet Cupcake by Radhika from Tickling Palates

75) Veggie Nuggets from Anusha (Tomato Blues)

76) Vardhini sent 3 very good looking dishes - Molten Lava Cake, Cranberry Pistachio Shortbread & Snickerdoodles

77) Veena linked Coffee Chocochip Cake

78) Sugar free ice cream by Paula

79) Sudha sent Gulaab Jamun

80) Chitra from Chitranna sent Naan Khatari

81) Arch sent a Chirstmas Cake

82) Aarthi sent the following - ginger cookies, nut bars, chocolate balls, fruit cake, apple muffins & vanilla cake

83) I sent the following - Hot Chocolate Soufflé, Self Saucing Chocolate Pudding, Golden Yellow Cake, Pizza Pinwheels, Banana Choco Chip Cake, Molten Lava Cake

84) Finally, mom sends Kesari :)

Thanks once again. Hope you'll participate in the ongoing event : Kid's Delight - Something Sweet.


  1. Lovely roundup with many yummy delights!!

    Erivum Puliyum

  2. fabulous round up... amazing collection of recipes....

  3. Hasna's Ben 10 cake left my eyes wide open.

  4. Lovely roundup with mindblowing recipes

  5. Well-done Kavi!
    There is so much to try....

  6. lovely round up.....great recipes.

  7. fabulous round up with so many sweet entries........

  8. Your readers have sent some wonderful dishes for this round-up. It is hard to know where to start. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  9. nice round up dear..


  10. OMG.. Kavi more than us linking the entries the round up took an effort from you. Awesome round up and one stop shop for Xmas goodies.
    Love Ash.

  11. Wonderful roundup, delicious entries! WOW! I'm absolutely flattered by your words. So nice of you :)

  12. omg what an amazing participation and plethora of yummy food! Kavi it is so funny, I was just hopping to your blog when you were at mine :) Congrats dear and sorry my India trip did not allow me to participate in this wonderful event - next one for sure!

  13. Colorful roundup and a nice collection of dishes.

    Purple cabbage and green cabbage taste the same to me :)

  14. What a lovely round up and so many dishes to choose! Like your mom's kesari..

  15. wow...fantastic roundup
    some awards are waiting for you at my space..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  16. Lovely roundup with so many dishes to choose...
    South Indian Recipes

  17. Thank you dear for such a lovely roundup. And kudos to all who participated..!!

    My event- Valentines Day Special

  18. lovely round up...gr8 recipes and nice way of round up...very nice.....good luck for the next event...

  19. Oh ghosh Kavi...what a fantabulous roundup!!!!! It was worth the wait :))
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  20. wow!! what a beautiful round up!!!! great work!! :)

  21. utta gal watte roundup kavi awesome!!

  22. A fabulous roundup with so many delicious dishes, I would love to make.

  23. wow Kavi, what a collection, great roundup, must have kept you busy for a while and I thought you were studying for your exams, r u? :)

  24. Talking about yumtastic, this is a long list of delicious treats! There's goes my diet :p


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