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Friday, 4 November 2011

♥ Cadbury Diary Milk Silk ♥

Chocolates ~~~~ Can't live without them, eh? Cadbury’s Diary Milk Silk is one such chocolate that everyone who wishes to obtain Nirvana should try! :-D Seriously, no kidding! From the moment you put a slab in your mouth to the time it slowly melts in your mouth is truly a trip to heaven and back.

And when I got mail form the Cadbury diary Milk Team asking if I would be willing to display their video on my blog, it was an opportunity too good to miss! The Silk Affair was an opportunity for Silk lovers to profess their love for the chocolate through a video. Fans were required to propose to the Silk in different ways like singing songs, narrating poems, dedicating sweet love notes and dancing for the chocolate. 
The Cadbury Diary Milk Team organized an offline activity for this wherein they received over 200 video entries and then put them up for voting on their Facebook page. The contest is over now and the winner will get a chance to go on a fairytale trip to Paris with 1 more person.
Do take a look at this video:- The World is creating a Silk Affair.  So why the showcasing of the video now? Because it shows the love and passion people have for Silk. 

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review.


  1. loooveeee diary milk silk!!!!

  2. I have never had silk.. i know sad :(.. my SIl always told its like a heavenly feeling. Next time i go to india i wont miss on havning one for sure!

  3. cadbury silk is the best chocolate and the cadbury brand is best in the world nice write up


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