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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Pineapple Cup Cake with Chocolate Ganache

~~I solemnly swear that this will be my last cake for the next 2 months~~

Yes. A microwave recipe again. I cannot help it! I love making cakes. :)

I'm writing the authentic Pineapple Cup Cake recipe here. And also the shortcut I used to get there. Choose your version & bake away ~ ~

Authentic version --- Time taken = 40 minutes
(source: Aayi's Recipes)
2 cups all purpose flour
3/4 cup sugar
1 cup finely chopped pineapple
3 tea spns baking powder
1/2 cup butter
1/4 tea spn cardamom powder
3/4 cup milk
1/4 tea spn salt
Preheat the oven for 300F for about 10mins.
Mix together butter and sugar. Add milk and whisk again.
Now add flour, cardamom powder, salt and baking powder. Mix and then add pineapple pieces. Mix well.
Bake at 300F for abput 40mins or till a knife inserted in the center. 
PS: Add 1 tea spoon pineapple essence for more pineapple flavour.

Shortcut version --- time taken = 10 minutes
(source: who else but me? :-D)
all purpose flour - 2 Tablespoons
sugar - 1.5 Tablespoons
baking powder - 1/4 teaspoon
baking soda - a pinch
salt - a pinch
oil / melted butter - 1 teaspoon (optional)
pineapple essence - 1/2 teaspoon OR
pineapple juice - 2 tablespoons
water / milk - 3-4 tablespoons
chocolate chips - 1 tablespoon (optional)
pineapple fruit chunks - 2 tablespoon (I skipped

Sift together the following -
All purpose Flour & Sugar

Baking Powder & Baking Soda
Add salt & oil & mix
Add the pineapple essence/juice & water/milk & mix well to avoid lumps.
If batter is too thick, add 1/2 teaspoon of water/milk. The batter has to be on the thicker side.
Add the chocolate chips / nuts & mix well.
Grease & line a Microwave save bowl
Pour the batter into two cups (or one, if you want a huge cup cake)
Microwave if for 2 minutes. Let it rest for 1 minute. Slowly, remove onto a plate
Eat it like that, or pour some chocolate ganache on top of it. & enjoy! :-)
Alternately, increase all the ingredients proportionately & put it in a bigger microwave safe bowl & microwave for 8-10 minutes to get the cake.
I also decorated these two cupcakes to give it a Halloween effect. The effect is more funny than spooky! :-D


  1. love your space! mouthwatering cake!

  2. fantastic post.. like your writing style a lot... cake looks delicious...

  3. Such a cool recipe! I've never thought of baking in the microwave before. Thanks for stopping by my blog ;-D

  4. Lovely Halloween fiesta....delicious n'yummy!!

  5. This looks and sounds delicious. I also wanted yo yo know that I did link to your Healthy Lunch Challenge. Have a good evening.Blessings...Mary

  6. very delicious cake...nice ganache too

  7. Cake looks really awesome..nice presentatiom..:)

  8. Bloghopping from This Chick Cooks on Wednesdays...this looks so good! I can't wait to try it out! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Superb version of cake. Thanks to add it to my event but kindly use logo onto this and link to my event.


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