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Friday, 16 March 2012

All about Tempeh...

Tempeh is a traditional soy product originating in Indonesia. It is crafted from whole soybeans, water, and a special healthful bacterium, which is allowed to ferment for several hours so that it forms a high Vitamin B Complex content including a substantial amount of B12 which is essential for vegetarians and vegans.
Since it is made from whole soybeans rather than from the soymilk,  it is a product with different characteristics and a firmer, chewier texture than tofu. And because it is fermented it is already partially digested and does not create the uncomfortable gastric distress some other bran products may. Depending on the brand, one serving of tempeh (100 grams) provides around 200 calories, 18.2 grams of protein (that's even more protein per gram than tofu!), and 10% of the RDA of both calcium and iron. Tempeh is a naturally cholesterol-free food, as are all vegan foods.
Traditionally tempeh is wrapped in banana leaves.
Tempeh is often used as faux-meat in many recipes. I found a few recipes for homemade tempeh - here, here & here. Since Tempeh is hard to find nearby, I'll be making my own Tempeh very soon.. :) For some people it is love at first bite; but for others, its something you have to work on. I had to train my senses to like Tofu. And I'm sure.. Tempeh will soon be a part of my meals! :)
Source: Wikipedia


  1. I had it first time while dinenr in an Indonasian Restaurant in the Netherlands. And as you said, I serously will have to train my senses to have it. :)

    A very useful post indeed, always good to know about healthier things..

  2. Never tried it but thanks for let us know about it.

  3. Lovely post. I really want to taste it.

  4. first time here ...glad to follow you ...very yummy and tempting ...
    visit my blog

  5. Thanks for sharing this new bit of information

  6. Wow! I can't wait to get my hands on this powerhouse of nutrition

  7. great! I did not know about Temph <3



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