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Friday, 6 April 2012

Cheese: Fun Facts

Are you a cheese-o-holic? :) Here are some interesting facts about this popular dairy product that might surprise you...
  • Archaeological surveys show that cheese was being made from the milk of cows and goats in Mesopotamia before 6000 B.C.  
  • The world's largest consumers of cheese include Greece (63 pounds per person each year), France (54 pounds), Iceland (53 pounds), Germany (48 pounds), Italy (44 pounds), the Netherlands (40 pounds), the United States (31 pounds), Australia (27 pounds), and Canada (26 pounds)
  • The United States produces more than 25 percent of the world's supply of cheese, approximately 9 billion pounds per year.
  • Pizza Hut uses about 300 million pounds of cheese per year!!!
  • Someone who sells cheese professionally at a cheese shop or specialty food store is called a cheese monge
  • Because of their ability to produce large volumes of milk, butterfat, and protein, black-and-white (or sometimes red-and-white) Holsteins are the most popular dairy cows in the United States, making up 90 percent of the total herd. 
  • According to the British Cheese Board, Britain has approximately 700 distinct local cheeses. It is thought that France and Italy have perhaps 400 each. The varying flavors, colors, and textures of cheese come from many factors, including the type of milk used, the type of bacteria or acids used to separate the milk, the length of aging, and the addition of other flavorings or mold.
Source: bahighlife. tlc


  1. Thanks for the amazing wealth of cheesy facts ! Any data on cheese consumption figures for India? Must be a fraction of a pound per year :)

  2. Interesting post, thanks; I never knew that Britain had more regional cheeses then France!Did you know that firm (rather than cream) cheese is supposed to have been invented in ancient Egypt, possibly when milk was being transported in bags made from cows' stomachs? The combination of the hot climate and the rennet from the stomachs curdled and fermented the milk into cheese!Kinda puts you off if you're vegetarian, doesn't it?! :/

  3. Hi Kavi, thank you for sharing the cheesy info. Really appreciate your effort.

    I love cheese too especially cheese cake and pizza with extra cheesy topping.

    Happy Easter and have a nice weekend.

  4. Interesting


Thanks for the feedback! :-)

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