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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Ragda Puri (& Dahi Puri)

Heyo People!
Now that I've posted about Ragda Patties, what to do with the leftover Ragda stew? Simple! Make Ragda Puris! :-D :-D They are another famous Chaat dish that taste absolutely delicious! And they are ridiculously easy to make! I'm writing the recipe for Dahi Puri too because they're almost similar.

What you'll need - 
Puris - 8 pieces (you can use how many ever you want to make!) J
Chopped Onions - 1 small cup
Boiled & Mashed Potato - 1 medium sized
Ragda - 1 cup
Green Chutney - 2 tablespoons
Sweet Chutney - 2 tablespoons
Chaat Powder - as per taste
Coriander / Parsley (finely chopped)- 2 tablespoons
Curds (or Dahi) - 1 cup
Salt - 1 teaspoon
Nylon Sev

For Ragda Puri
1. Arrange 8 puris on a plate. With your thumb, gently press the centre of the Puri to get a hole in the middle.
2. Fill in the puris with a little bit of mashed potato & chopped onion
3. Boil the ragda with a little water to make it into pouring consistency. Then fill the puris with Ragda all over.
4. Mix some water with 2 tablespoons of the Mint-Coriander chutney. Again, pour them into all the Puris
5. Similarly, mix water with Dates-Tamarind chutney & pour them all over the puris
6. Sprinkle some Chaat Powder all over the puris.
7. Fill the Puris with Nylon Sev or simply plain Sev.
8. Squeeze some lemon on top of it & decorate with some Coriander / Parsley leaves.
- All the above steps remain the same. 
- Instead of pouring Ragda, mix curds with some salt & chaat powder and pour them all over the Puris
- Decorate with Sev.

Enjoy! J


  1. Nice and easy Dhai Puri Recipe. They simply awesome and tempting.

  2. @ Anonymous - I don't know who you are, but thank you so much! :)


Thanks for the feedback! :-)

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