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Monday, 20 June 2011

Side dish & Accompaniments

A side dish, as the name suggests is simply a food item that accompanies the entrée or the main course of the meal. We can have both dry as well as gravy side dishes. Choose from the following accompaniments for your bread (Roti, Puri, white bread, Tortilla etc.)

Chole Masala | Chickpea / Garbanzo bean Curry
Dum Aaloo | Baby Potatoes in Yogurt-Almond gravy
Green Peas and Spinach Masala
Kadai Mutter Paneer | Cottage Cheese Curry
Kathirikkai Gotsu | Brinjal in Tamarind gravy
Malai Kofta | Vegetable Balls in rich gravy
Mung Ki Sabji | Green Gram Curry
Paneer Chilli | Chinese style cottage cheese
Pav Bhaji Masala (Mixed Veg Curry)
Soya Tamatari | soybeans in tomato gravy
Ragada (White Peas Curry)

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