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Friday, 23 September 2011

Shaun T's Hip Hop Abs : Review

Its been a while since I posted about any workout video. I'm someone who gets bored with a routine very quickly. I need constant change. And so, after 2 weeks, I decided I needed something other than Callanetics and Tae-Bo Cardio. They were fun, no doubt about that. But I knew the routine so well that I didn't have to wait for video.
And so, as I set on a quest to find an interesting workout, I came across Shaun T's Hip Hop Abs. My uncle from the US gifted me lots of workout DVDs and this one was among them. I've always enjoyed dancing. In fact, I've been learning Indian Classical Dance for the past 14 years. And I love Hip Hop. So, I finally popped in the DVD and here is my take on the workout ...
I read somewhere - "leading a healthy and active lifestyle will help to promote both your inner and outer beauty". This, and the fact that I am quickly bored with even the most fun exercise videos out there inspired me to try out a new type of workout. I needed something exciting (obviously!), motivating and flexible with my schedule. I kid not when I say I have no time for myself! I have to wake up an hour early everyday to squeeze in my workout!!!! (something I conveniently forget on a lazy day!)

This is a set of 6 DVDs consisting of the following:-
♠ Introduction
♠ Ab Sculpt
♠ Fat Burning Cardio
♠ Hips, Buns and Thighs
♠ Total Body Burn
♠ 6 Minute Abs
You also get a step-by-step nutrition guide and 30-day workout calendar! [Although I don't intend on doing this for 30 days continuously {my god! Think of the monotonousness!} I think it is a great way for you guys to keep a track on your workout and the results.

Why you should buy this video-
- First of all, I LOVED Shaun T! He's damn cute!
- It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to dance. Shaun T will teach you the basics until you’re capable of following all the other routines. So even if you have two left feet, you must try this simple video!
- With the Hip Hop Abs program, there’s no need to put up with boring sit-ups, crunches, etc. You're always gonna be doing "Tilt, Tuck & Tighten". And with the peppy beats. You just wont get bored!
- If you are a busy bee, definitely get this one! The maximum a video will go upto is 45 minutes. (there are 6, 20, 30 & 45 minutes videos. Just pick the one you feel like & get an amazing workout)
- If you love dance, then this is an absolute yes-yes! ;-)
- If getting just a slightly better looking stomach is your goal then check out this amazing program
[[ >> Click HERE to buy the workout program for a very reasonable price. ]]

Why you shouldn't get this video -
Umm.. well, its hard to come up with cons of a workout I love! But here are a few things you might consider before buying this program :
- It is NOT an intense workout program. You'll have fun but it is difficult to break a sweat from this workout!
- The music is not so good! I was looking for hip hop & all I got was slow pop music
- And honestly, I have a feeling this one is gonna get old pretty quickly.

I've been doing this one for the past 3 days. I am enjoying it, having fun and really letting my hair down! :-D But I'm not sure if this is challenging enough to melt the fat away......


  1. mailed to mu hubby who s fitness freak!!!

  2. Nice review! I think I need something less intense & more fun. This may be the one! :)

  3. It's difficult to break a sweat with this workout??
    Maybe if you have no fat to burn..Hmmm
    Out of all the cardio Beachbody routines I've done ( slim in 6, P90X, Turbo Jam etc.. ) This is the only one that has made me sweat so much. A workout is as intense as you want it to be. If you're just going through the moves and not digging in Yah don't expect results

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