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Monday, 22 August 2011

Callanetics - 10 years yonger in 10 hours

Well hello bloggers & bloggies!! :-P

I'm here to talk about another one of my favorite workout videos. Yeah, you read the title. Although it appears like an unreasonable claim; {10 years younger? No rational person would believe that!} I think it is safe to establish that Callanetics can firm you up faster than anything I'm aware of. I'll get to the specifics...

The exercises are deceptively simple yet amazingly powerful. It won't make you lose weight. But it will firm you up noticeably in an amazingly short time, though. So the "10 hours" claim isn't mere hype.
Callanetics: 10 Years Younger in 10 Hours was the first exercise program to be released by Callan Pinckeny. Her fame spread slowly through word of mouth. She focuses on the method of doing the exercises rather than number of repetitions. Her soothing voice, smiling face and unbelievably fit body gives all the push you need to do the workout! She's the one in red. She's over 60 years old!! 

Callanetics: 10 years younger in 10 hours (We'll call it 10/10 now onwards) is a 50 minutes workout video. They are non-impact exercises. Very gentle & very soothing. You hold a pose & isolate the muscles in that region. Then you move it by quarter to half of an inch back & forth. This tiny movement makes all the difference! At the end of 50 minutes, you'll feel fresh and really good. You won't even feel like you've "worked out".

Callanetics in itself may be an excellent workout to maintain flexibility and shape. But I wanted to lose some fat quickly before my birthday. ;-) Hence, I've been doing Tae-Bo Cardio too. I think its a perfect combination. Cardio to lose the weight & Callanetics to firm up! Can't wait for 29th August! The VERDICT day.. :-D


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