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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Strawberry ICE CREAM

So, now that I discovered how EASY it is to make ice cream, I didn't just stop at Vanilla! I made a batch of Stawberry & Fresh Mint too. I found some other Veg recipes for ice cream too. But this basic recipe was by far the easiest one. And it didn't call for ingredients like corn syrup (which, inspite of my best efforts, I couldn't find) I'll probably try the other recipes if & when I get those ingredients. But for now, I am incredibly happy with this one. :-D
Ingredients - 
3/4 cup Strawberry Puree
1 cup (150 ml) Milk
2 teaspoons Cornflour
1 cup (100 ml) Heavy Cream
25-30 grams of Powdered sugar (or as per taste)

1. Make the puree. (Click on this link to see how)
2. Mix the cornflour in 1-2 tablespoons of water & set aside.
3. Heat the milk in a pan. When it comes to boil, add HALF of the sugar & the cornflour-water & stir until slightly thick. (Simmer around 2-4 minutes)
4. Remove from heat & cool completely.
5. Take the heavy cream, add the remaining half of sugar & whip (with manual or electric whisk or beater) for about 5-10 minutes until soft peaks form.
6. Mix the cooled Milk mixture with the heavy whipped cream and the strawberry puree. Adjust sugar according to your taste.
7. Pour the mixture in a shallow bowl, cover & freeze for about 2 hours until it is slushy.
8. Remove, run it in the blender to break the ice crystals and again pour into shallow bowl, cover & freeze
9. Repeat step 8 for 3-4 times in order to get a smooth texture.
10. Scoop & Serve!


  1. Okay, I need to make this! What's Heavy Cream?

  2. also known as whipping cream. (you get Bluebird ka whipping cream powder) Ask in bakery or shops which have cheese/cream etc. Heavy cream has 25% fat

  3. So I can just go and get a Milkmaid or Amul small pack of whipped cream? Is that different than whipping cream power? Where else can I use this thing?

  4. Also upload step-by-step pics na (that's the USP of your blog too) so we can get a clear idea of what to do.. right now, I'm a lil bit unsure.

  5. No girl.. Amul ka fresh cream is not heavy cream. I've never heard of milkmaid. You'll get fresh heavy whipping cream in stores. No brands.
    It is different than the powder.
    For powder :- you mix the powder with 2-3 tbsp of cold water & start beating/whipping it continuously for 5-10 minutes.
    For cream: - You get the cream. You'll have to whip this too.
    Powder is cheaper & easier

  6. And I was really in a hurry. (Studies, you see :D) So, I couldn't take pics. I will do so, from the next post onwards...

  7. Okie.. will use powder and call you before making it :)


Thanks for the feedback! :-)

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