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Sunday, 24 July 2011

EASY Garlic Bread

Okay, remember Garlic Pull Apart Rolls? While it tasted heavenly, it did take quick some time to make! And now that the vacation time is over, I'm in a bit of time-crunch. So, most of my recipes will be quick ones! ;-) Of course, I wont jeopardize the exoticism & the taste of the dishes! :-D

Anyways, I saw this really easy way of making Garlic Bread at home on TV. You don't need an Oven to make this. And total time - 10 minutes!!!!! & The outcome is pretty impressive! Not authentic, but definitely yumtastic! :-D I'll probably make the long & authentic version of the garlic bread during vacation time. But until then, enjoy my EASY-PEASY Garlic Bread made on the stove!

Bread - 8 slices
Garlic - 10-20 cloves peeled & minced
Butter - 2-3 tablespoons **
Coriander Leaves - 2 tablespoons
Salt - to taste. (1 teaspoon)
** If you are health conscious, skip butter & use olive oil or any other oil.

1. Melt the butter, add the minced garlic & coriander/parsley & mix well to form a nice buttery mixture.
2. Take a slice of bread, apply the buttery mixture on one side & put it on the pan.
3. Once you've put on the pan, apply the same garlic-butter mixture on the other side too. Cook on MEDIUM FLAME.
4. After 2-3 minutes, turn the bread to the other side & let it cook for about 2-3 minutes. The longer you keep on the stove, the crispier it gets. So touch the bread to see how crispy or soft you want & remove the bread from the stove accordingly.
5. If you want CHEESE Garlic Bread, then put some Mozzarella cheese on the top side & let it cook for about 1 minute until the cheese melts.
5. Sprinkle some Chilli Flakes, Oregano & Enjoy!

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