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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Types of Cake Frosting/Icing

Happy Saturday everybody! ☻

I've lined up a few easy Mexican Dishes this weekend! Please be sure to come back! :-D
Meanwhile, I thought I could talk about the various types of Icing or Frosting used on a cake ( or cupcakes, cookies, brownies etc!) For many, frosting is the best part of the cake.
So far, I've only talked about plain Whipped Cream and Chocolate Ganache. In the coming weeks, I plan on making all the frostings! :-D I've got a super easy way of making the cake without an oven. But, you'll have to wait for that! ;-)
If you don't have the time or interest to make the icing, then you could use readymade ones like the one on your left
So, the types of frosting are -
Absolutely smooth & delicious! And VERY simple! ☺ In this frosting, Butter is mixed with powdered sugar, flavored essence & coloring liquid or chocolate and beaten continuously to get the fluffy topping. Powdered sugar is used because it dissolves easily during beaten and contains a small amount of cornstarch which helps stabilize the frosting. BEat them for a longer time to get the smoothest topping you'll ever eat!
I've already talked about whipped cream in this post. It is basically made by whipping heavy creams, powdered sugar & your favorite flavors. But you have to be careful while whipping this cream. Unlike Buttercream, this one has to be whipped only until soft peaks start forming. Before you whip, you have to be sure to keep the vessel & whipper & the cream in the refrigerator for at least half hour.
It is nothing but chocolate melted with heavy cream. It forms a shiny thick glaze on the cakes. It can be a thick or a thin Ganache. A thick Ganache helps you make truffles. A thin one helps you pour it over the cake for icing. Read more about Ganache here.
One of the most simplest frosting. Mix powdered sugar with a liquid (like water or milk) & stir to get a glaze of a thin consistency. They form a shiny crust over the cakes. They are just drizzled over the cakes.
I learnt about this one recently. Bloody simple! ☺ Just cook a can of condensed milk on the pressure cooker for about 30-45 minutes & get Dulce De Leche! :-D More about that later!


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