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Friday, 2 December 2011

Healthy Lunch Challenge - Roundup PART III

It took me almost a week to compile so many entries (over a 100!) but it was worth the effort! I want you all to know that I'm really thankful! This is my very first (guest host) event & I'm really happy that it received such an awesome response!

We have some amazing entries! This is the final part of the Roundup. Do check out Part I & Part II of the roundup too... You'll never run out of ideas for lunch (or dinner) :D 
Soya Tamatari - Kavi                          Eggplant in peanut sauce - Paaka Shale
Chipotle Bowl - Pasta & Paratha      Soy chunks Manchurian - Kokila
Soya Chunks Curry - Vardhini                  Mixed Veg Kurma - Sangee
Avocado Chapati - Vardhini            Sundakka Vatha Kuzhambu - Priya
Broccoli, soya, tomato rice - Priya                    Cabbage Paratha - Vandana
Cauliflower Biryani - Kokila                               Rice Varieties - Swetha
Paneer Chapati - Kokila               Low cal Paneer Makhanwala - Kalyani
Mung Bean Capsicum Pulao - Sangee              Carrot Chapati - Kokila
Avarekaalu Saaru - Kalyani                  Mixed Veg Curry - Vidhas
Mung dumpling in yogurt - Sangee                          Bulgar Wheat Upma - ?
Maatla Oondhiyo - Vaishali        Veg Shahi Kurma - Sumedha
Stuffed Parwal - Rashida              Moong Kadhi - Archana
Soya Tomato Curry - Sangee             Eat n Drink Soup - Santosh
Kesar Paneer Kofta - Deeksha                     Paneer Hariya - Manali
Sabudana Khichdi - Anjali                          Veg Pasta - Swetha           
Beetroot with Mung bean - sangee                  Curry fried Edmame - Torwen
Cabbage Paratha - Kaveri                   Green Thai Curry - Gauri
Odissi Mung Dal - Shri                                Spring Onion Dal - Julie
          Chana Curry                 &                       Spinach Raita          - Sobha
Veg Noodles - Teena Mary               Chana Raita - Sobha    
                 Jeera Rice - Kavi                                             Veg Burger - Teena Mary          

That's it. The visual treat ends here. Be sure to check out Part I & Part II of the event roundup for even more Lunch options. Once again, my heart felt thanks to all of you who made this possible! :-)

I would like to invite you all to the 2 events I'm hosting this month :
Please send me your entries to both these events. Once again, thank you all for being so patient & so generous! :-)


  1. Wow !! Gr8 round up with mouthwatering recipes !

  2. What a fantastic round up - wonderful dishes, thank you for visiting my blog and following - I' m so happy to follow you -
    Mary x

  3. Nice round up! I'm hosting the next HCC, pls try to participate!

  4. Many interesting dishes,beautiful roundup Kavi.

  5. Thankyou Kavi! The round-up looks amazing!

  6. Mouthwatering round up...Great job!

  7. What an overwhelming round-up; so many participants ... and I already looked out so many yummy recipes from the entries. I'm condemmed to stay in the kitchen for the rest of the year and try them out :)

    Well done! Thanks so much :)

  8. So many delicious lunch options! Truly wonderful, Kavi! :)


Thanks for the feedback! :-)

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