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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Roundup of Microwave Easy Cooking

Hi friends!
Here's the roundup of December 2011's Microwave Easy Cooking Challenge. :-)

1) Christy sends us her Potato& Green Peas Masala, Cauliflower & Pea Masala, Tender coconut oats pudding, Bread Biryani, Potato & Capsicum masala and Moong stir fry.
2) Deeps sends her wonderful Chocolate Mocha Cake

3) Deeksha has linked her colorful Mix Veg Pulao

4) Amy sends her crunchy papadams/fryums

5) Vaishali sends her crunchy cashews

6) Anjali has linked her colorful corn capsicum salad

7) Archana sends her perfectly 'microwaved' orange cake

8) Richa linked tomato & cheese salsa

9) Malathi sends us 4 delicious dishes - Tomato pepper rasam, fat free popcorn, poha chivda & coconut barfi

10) Vardhini sends her amazing Eggless Brownies.

11) Srivalli, the brain behind this challenge sends the most chocolaty cake & a how to post on making rusks (double baked bread)

* Please let me know in case I have missed any entry. Most likely, you might not have followed the event rules & hence, were left out. Please verify & let me know.

Thank you all for sending your entries. I had fun hosting this event! It sure put me in touch with my microwave! I'm sure all you busy moms & dads will love these quick tried & tested recipes. :-)


  1. That's a wonderful round up!..thanks for doing this..

  2. Wow so many microwave recipes...I'll refer in future..Congratz for the wonderful event...keep hosting :)

  3. Lovely compilation and options of cooking in the microwave rather than simply heating food.
    Love Ash.

  4. Nice round up... I couldn't send any entries as I didn't have the oven at that time n then just got caught up in the celebrations...

    Would love to try these recipes...

  5. Interesting ones, Kavi.
    Learnt a lot of new things, such as salad could be microwaved & served hot too.
    Didn't know some curries/gravies could be cooked in microwave too, such as your Malai Kofta.
    And was surprised that fryums could be microwaved instead of frying & they'd still expand!
    This is a great round up & event!

  6. wow...amazing and interesting MW recipes...lovely roundup..
    some awards waiting for u at my space..
    Spicy Treats
    OnGoing Event ~ Dish It Out-Brinjal n Garlic

  7. You have an award waiting on my space calling your name. Please tend to it. It requires your TLC ASAP.
    Love Ash.

  8. Great list with new ways to use the microwave.

  9. so many MW recipes! great roundup


Thanks for the feedback! :-)

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