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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Onion Pakoda/Dumpling

Finally I have something to post about! :-D I made quite a few dishes today! One of them being Onion Dumplings. Or Pakoda (Puh-koh-daa) as it is called in India. Yes, it is another deep fried goodie! But honestly, what harm can a tiny dumpling eaten in moderation once a week do? The answer is: Nothing! For health freaks who might read my blog, I'd like to tell you that I've got a lot of healthy recipes in mind. They'll be up on my blog very soon! So please don't freak out & run away! :-D
So, back to our Pakoda. You can make a Pakoda using different ingredients like Onions, Eggplant, Spinach, Raw Banana, Potato etc
Onion - 2 medium (sliced length-wise)
Rice flour -  50-70 grams
Green Chilli - 3-4 (finely chopped)
Ginger Paste - 1 teaspoon
Red Chili Powder - 2 teaspoons
Vegetable Oil - 4 teaspoons for the dough + Oil for deep frying
Curry Leaves - 1 tablespoon (finely chopped)
Salt - 1-2 teaspoons (or to taste)
Baking Soda - 1/2 teaspoon (optional) - makes it crisp

1. Slice the onion length wise. Add 1 teaspoon salt, green chili, curry leaves to it & mix it.
2. In a mixing bowl, add the Gram flour, rice flour, oil, baking soda, ginger paste & mix it well.
3. Add the onion mixture to the flour & mix it well. It shouldn't be a proper round shaped dough. The onion leaves water hence there should be no need of more water. Yet, if need be, just add water drop by drop to make sure it isn't more than the required amount. The dough should look like this -
4. Heat the oil in a pan. Just tear away the onions & slowly drop them in the oil. They need not be single onions. Just small bunches. They can be of any shape. You don't need to make them into any balls. :-D
5. Fry them well on both sides. IF you like really crispy ones, fry them a little longer on low flame. Make sure you don't burn the onions. Serve them with any dipping of your choice! (ketchup, Mint-Coriander chutney etc.)

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