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Monday, 25 July 2011

Memories of my FIRST MONTH as a food blogger

Hello there! 

It is 25th July 2011.
I decided to become a food blogger and started the blog EXACTLY one month ago. It was unplanned. I took the decision on an impulse. But boy! I have had so much FUN these last 4 weeks! Everyday, I looked forward to reading new recipes so that I could cook them up & blog about them! Earlier, my weekends were boring, pointless & lazy. But in the past one month, every weekend, I have cooked at least 3 new dishes!

As I always say, when you really do something that you love, it always finds a way to become a success. And even though this may be too early to say, I think that I've made tremendous progress! Sure, the comments are few; but I appreciate them nevertheless! And I am grateful to all the viewers! You keep me motivated to keep cooking & experimenting!

Reminiscing some of my recipes...
1. Black Forest Cake : My very first recipe. Eggless, delicious. I wasn't that confident. But it turned out to be great for a first-time baker.
2. Ragda Patties : Indian (especially Mumbai roadside) Fast Food. Unbelievably tasty & yet simple. I'm actually proud of this recipe! I love the picture that I clicked!
3. Ragda Puri : Mumbai Fast Food number 2. Delightful!
4. Vanilla Cake & Chocolate Ganache Icing : My 2nd cake. Better than the first one! :-D Be sure to try it out if you have the time & equipment! :-D
5. Garlic Pull Apart Rolls : I bravely ventured into yeast-baking! And it paid off!
6. Samosa - The supposedly pyramid shaped goodie is India's famous fast food! I still have to get good at this!
7. Calzone : Yeast Baking round 2!
8. Onion Dumpling/Pakoda : Onions dipped in gram flour & fried! Easy & tasty!
9. Corn Dumplings : Corn in a delicious form!
10. PASTA : Who says you have to go to Italy to eat good Pasta? Here's a yummy recipe! ;-)
11. Vegetable Fajitas : Mexican Food!! Heard a lot, but I still think I need to improve! By the way, my brother loved it. :-P
12. Vegetable Burritos : Can't really differentiate better burrito & fajita. But apparently they are two different dishes!

13. CAKE in a COOKER : That's right. You don't need an Oven to bake a cake any more! My friend Janani Kannan's mom's idea! I think its brilliant! :-)
14. Marble Cake : I had so much fun making this cake! And you can see that it looks beautiful too! :P
15. French Fries : Easy to make. Tasty. And an awesome companion for a movie night!
16. BURGER : Burger & Fries Combo is hard is resist, isn't it? :-)
17. Garlic Bread : Okay, this is not the authentic way of making garlic bread. But its far easier! And the taste is not compromised! :-D
18. Cheese Chilli Toast : Simple & you can make it in 10 minutes! Veggies, bread & cheese. It doesn't get better! :)
19. Cold Chocolate Milk Type ONE & Type TWO : Don't like milk? Try this recipe & you'll end up drinking 4 glasses a day! :-D
20. Apple-Almond Smoothie : This high protein smoothie can be made in 2 minutes! AND it tastes awesome!!!!!!
21. Chocolate Custard : Time Crunch? Yet you want to show off your culinary skills? Make this delicious dessert! 10 minutes of your time & worth 10 times more!

Check out the blog for more recipes & photos!
Now that the vacation time is over & life is getting back to normal, I'm really even more determined to keep the blog going on. Hence, I have decided to look up recipes that can be made very quickly! Your ideas & comments are welcome!

Have a great day!!!! ☺


  1. Great first month! This is just the beginning :)

  2. thanks Mana! I hope so! :) :)

  3. So many recipes, can't wait to get started. Thanks for the post!

  4. Happy first month!Love all the recipes you have made! Looking forward to reading more!

  5. thank you Medifast & Alisa! :)


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