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Monday, 20 June 2011

Main Course

The main dish is the primary dish in a meal. When at home, we usually don't go through all the courses of a meal. We simply eat according to the time and our hunger. And lunch & dinner both, generally consist of a main course only. In this list, you can choose from a variety of dishes for a main course. Whether eating as lunch or dinner; or planning for a 7-course meal, these dishes can form part of the main-course. Some of these can't be had by themselves. They need to be eaten with some curry/side-dish/accompaniments. Since there are way too many of them, I've filed them under a separate head.

Khus Khus Puri (Poppy seeds fried bread) 
Pav Bhaji (Mixed Veggie Curry with Buns)
Poha | Rice Flakes Upma
Puri / Poori | Fried Indian Bread

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